Synchronous multi-channel width measurements of ribbons


Carbon ribbons are used for interior components but also in the construction of aircraft. To produce narrow carbon strips, wide belts are cut into individual strips and spooled onto rolls. To monitor the manufacturing process, precise optoCONTROL 2520 micrometers are used. These are designed for dynamic measurement tasks in industrial areas.

Carbon ribbons are cut into different widths in cutting machines. This requires exact measurement of each individual belt. 24 optoCONTROL 2520 micrometers solve this measurement task with high linearity and a repeatability of up to 5 µm.

A micrometer can measure several segments or strips simultaneously, acquire the results synchronously and then output them. Several optoCONTROL 2520 sensors can be operated synchronously with each other. For ribbons and cutting machines, this allows simultaneous segment measurements of multiple strips. In addition to the bandwidth, the simultaneous acquisition of other measurement values such as the center position of the ribbons is possible. Often, smaller strips of just a few millimeters must also be measured. For this purpose, the multi-segment mode of the ODC2520 optical micrometer detects up to eight individual strips within 46 mm or 95 mm without having to change the measuring program.

Data output is fast and easy via analog as well as digital interfaces. The laser micrometers have integrated, modern interfaces such as Ethernet or EtherCAT as well as fieldbus extensions. The optoCONTROL micrometers are used for quality inspection in inline applications and in machine building. Hose and extrusion products such as bar stock or plastic tubing are also detected with high precision using laser micrometers.

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