Inspecting the correct labeling of drug packages


Medication packaging must be properly labeled. Imprinted are serialization data, the bar code and additional information. The correct positioning of the label is also important. If these imprints and the position are incorrect, the medication cannot be dispensed at the pharmacy. Therefore, smart colorSENSOR CFO100 sensors from Micro-Epsilon are used for absolutely reliable label inspection. They deliver 100% quality control and ensure smooth operations.

The colorSENSOR CFO sensors from Micro-Epsilon enable 100% quality control and ensure smooth processes in the labeling of pharmaceutical packaging. For this measurement task, the sensor is positioned at a distance of 5 mm above the boxes in the labeling machine. The sensor receives the light and passes it on to the controller of the color measuring system via the optical fiber where the signal is evaluated. The digital switching output of the controller passes the OK/NOK value directly to the machine control system. If labels are missing or in the wrong position, the medication packaging is immediately sorted out by the machine and relabeled.

The advantages of Micro-Epsilon color sensors are their high color accuracy and repeatability. Therefore, they are ideal for 100% inline control. Even at high belt speeds, they measure precisely and allow rework during operation. Up to 320 colors in 254 color groups can be taught. Operation is easy via the web-based interface. The sensor system also offers an attractive price-performance ratio.

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