Powerful Industrial Performance Unit for 3D sensors


A powerful computer unit is now available for Micro-Epsilon's 3D sensor portfolio in the form of the Industrial Performance Unit (IPU). The system consists of a powerful industrial controller and the 3DInspect evaluation software and enables the automated evaluation of 3D data.

The 3D sensors are connected to the IPU via GigE Vision standard. All 3D sensors of the Micro-Epsilon product portfolio can be connected. These include the scanCONTROL laser scanners, the surfaceCONTROL 3D snapshot sensors and the reflectCONTROL 3D sensors.

With this system, highly accurate evaluation, further processing, storage and output of the 3D data is possible via integrated, modern interfaces. In addition, the IPU offers full compatibility and inline capability in the application.

This allows numerous 3D measurement tasks to be solved efficiently. The sensors are flexible and provide real 3D evaluations for diffuse-reflective, glossy and many other surfaces.

Thanks to the 3DInspect software with Valid3D technology included in the scope of delivery, simple sensor parameterization is possible, allowing measurements to be started immediately. The Industrial Performance Unit directly processes three-dimensional data, which is subsequently evaluated and assessed via the 3DInspect software. The integrated PROFINET, EthernNet/IP and Modbus/TCP interfaces are available for output of results.

The hardware is industry-optimized and equipped with passive cooling. The compact system can also be stored in a space-saving manner. This also allows integration into a control cabinet or mounting directly in the machine. Accessories such as a monitor, mouse or keyboard can also be connected to the IPU.

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