Inductive gauge with compact cable controller


The inductive induSENSOR DTD gauge is designed for series solutions in machine building and automation. The new sensor system consists of a compact gauge and a robust cable controller. Its high accuracy and robust design make the induSENSOR DTD ideal for industrial measurement tasks.

The design of the induSENSOR DTD is both extremely compact and simple. The inductive sensors are used, for example, for quality control and production monitoring, where they achieve resolutions down to the micrometer range. The gauge and the controller are connected by a 3 m cable, which is so resistant that it can also be used for drag chain applications. The sensor delivers precise results even in harsh industrial environments and achieves high temperature stability. It is also resistant to both shock and vibration. The controller is housed in a rugged stainless steel housing that provides protection against dirt and moisture.

Adjustment and calibration of the system are performed at the factory. This brings the advantage that the sensor is quickly ready for operation via plug & play which makes it very user-friendly. Just a small space is required for installation, as the sensor has a diameter of just 8 mm and the controller 18 mm. In addition, the sensor can be quickly mounted in the correct position using a mounting bracket. Its price is optimized for series applications with high quantities. The gauges are available in measuring ranges of ±1 mm, ±3 mm, ±5 mm and ±10 mm. The system has an adjustable current and voltage output and an RS485 interface.

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