Measuring the workpiece position in grinding machines


Measuring the workpiece position in grinding machines involves the position measurement of the crankshaft with micrometer precision using eddy current-based inductive sensors. These sensors are perfectly suitable for measurements in harsh, industrial environments as they are insensitive to oil, dirt, high pressure and high temperatures.

During the grinding process, the position between the grinding tool and the workpiece must be constantly monitored. This prevents excessive stress, damage and destruction of the workpiece and the grinding tool. For reliable position monitoring, inductive sensors based on eddy currents are used. The inductive sensors achieve accuracies in the single-digit micrometer range when measuring the workpiece position in grinding machines.

To keep the distance to the grinding tool constant, the analog sensor signal is transmitted to a PLC. It adjusts the position of the grinding tool based on the measured values. Since cooling liquid (oil) is used for the grinding process, conventional sensors are not suitable for this application. Due to their robust design, inductive eddyNCDT series are ideally suitable for harsh environments while being insensitive to oil, dirt, pressure and high temperatures. The application solution can also be integrated into existing systems as a retrofit.

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