New, confocal controller measures with high light power and speed


Especially for measurements on dark or rough surfaces, Micro-Epsilon has designed two new confocal controllers. The confocalDT 2465 and 2466 multi-peak models offer extremely high light intensity with high measuring rates up to 30 kHz.

Micro-Epsilon offers a powerful and in addition the world’s largest product range of confocal chromatic sensors. This enables numerous fields of industrial applications. Confocal chromatic sensors are used for distance and thickness measurements where both the highest accuracy and signal stability are required. They offer state-of-the-art technology allied with high speed and maximum precision.

The product range has now been expanded by the new confocalDT 2465 and 2466 multi-peak controllers. They stand out due to their high light intensity which enables extremely stable measurements even on dark and rough surfaces, which is why the measurement speed can be fully utilized on different surfaces.

The confocalDT 2465 is designed for one measurement channel whereas the confocalDT 2466 can process two measurement channels. This multi-peak controller measures up to 5 transparent layers at once.

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