Multi-peak white light interferometers for industrial measurement tasks and nanometer accuracy


The product group of white light interferometers represents the most precise sensors in Micro-Epsilon's overall portfolio. From now on, the interferoMETER series is also available as multi-peak systems, which opens up numerous new potential applications. Interferometers are always used when high-resolution distance and thickness measurements are required. 

The new multi-peak versions now also enable high-precision detection of transparent layers. Depending on the controller model, this is achieved via calculations based on the respective distance values and taking the refractive indices into account. The thickness measuring system does not perform any distance measurements, it measures the thickness of the individual layers and their combinations. In addition to the multi-peak design, the systems have been further optimized. For industrial use, the interferometers are now equipped with new sensor housings in a higher protection class IP65. 

With the interferoMETER IMS5400-DS, high precision distance measurements can be carried out in industrial applications. It also enables the stable measurement of step profiles. Thanks to absolute distance measurement, the scanning of steps takes place with the highest signal stability and precision. When measuring on moving objects, the height differences of heels, steps and depressions can thus be detected without additional referencing.

The interferoMETER IMS5400-TH is also suitable for precise thickness measurements in industrial applications. The large thickness measuring range allows the measurement of thin layers, flat glass and films. As the white light interferometer works in the near infrared range, thickness measurement of anti-reflective coated glass is also possible.

Finally, the interferoMETER IMS5600-DS is suitable for distance measurements with picometer resolution. Thanks to the absolute measurement, sampling is performed without signal loss. When measuring on moving objects, the differences in height of heels, steps and depressions can thus be reliably detected. The measuring system offers sub-nanometer resolution with a large offset distance in relation to the measuring range.

In addition to the excellent linearity, white light interferometers from Micro-Epsilon offer a resolution up to < 30 picometers. Easy configuration is possible via an integrated web interface.

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