Laser distance sensors now also with IO-Link


The optoNCDT ILR2250 laser distance sensors from Micro-Epsilon can now also be integrated in automation systems via IO-Link. The advantages are easy handling and high flexibility. The sensors ensure gapless communication from the sensor/actuator level through to the system control. 

The optoNCDT ILR2250 laser distance sensors measure distances up to 150 m in automated and industrial applications. Accuracy, surface independence and high signal quality make these sensors ideal for those applications. Measurements are possible on metals but also on plastics, paper and textiles. optoNCDT ILR2250 sensors are now also available with IO-Link interface. Integration via IO-Link into all common fieldbus and automation systems is easy and enables dynamic adaptation of sensor parameters.

The sensor is suited to both indoor and outdoor applications. Its robust aluminum die-cast housing is designed for industrial environments. The optoNCDT ILR2250 is used, amongst others, in the steel industry as well as in the transport, logistics and conveyor system industries. Coil diameters and crane positions, filling levels in silos, diameters of seamless rolled rings are monitored reliably, and drone-supported distance measurements can be detected too.

The IO-Link standard enables the recording, exchange and evaluation of process data, parameters and diagnosis values of the entire production process, from the PLC through to the sensor/actuator level. This saves time and money.

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