High precision 3D inspection of reflecting surfaces


The reflectCONTROL Sensor performs 3D surface inspections of glossy and shiny surfaces. The precise recognition of anomalies enables compliance with the highest quality requirements. Flatness deviations in the range of a few micrometers are detected reliably. Monitoring can be either robot-based or stationary in the production line.

When high precision 3D measurements on glossy and shiny components are required, the reflectCONTROL Sensor is the ideal choice. In particular, with flat surfaces, the reflectCONTROL technology impresses with its high measuring rates at micrometer accuracies.

This sensor generates a striped pattern which is mirrored by the surface of the measuring object into the sensor camera. Distortions of this striped pattern represent anomalies on the surface, which are evaluated by software.

The reflectCONTROL 3D sensor reliably detects even slightest flatness deviations of less than 1 µm. The sensor is used, for example, for 3D shape detection of wafers in semiconductor production and quality inspection of flat glass, e.g., in smartphone production.

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