Modern video endoscopy at a glance


The innovative XLED PRO DUAL VIEW video endoscope enables fast and high precision inspection of objects. The endoscope works with two integrated cameras which can be switched between 0° and 90°. This enables very fast results.

The innovative XLED PRO DUAL VIEW video endoscope uses two cameras which can work with either direct or lateral direction of view. A button controls both simultaneously and enables switching between 0° and 90°. A tactile control unit can be used to angle the camera probe in every desired position up to 180°.

The distinct advantage of this system are huge time-savings. The object to be inspected can be detected very quickly. The monitor displays either the two directions of view or the images to be compared. A powerful LED makes all details visible on the 7" display. There is no need for laborious lens changes, a second visual inspection or repeated searches for the problem area.

The compact and robust XLED PRO DUAL VIEW video endoscope is designed for use in harsh environments. Numerous interchangeable probes with different diameters and lengths provide high flexibility for different purposes. The integrated high performance battery ensures long operating times of more than two hours. You can also connect a power supply unit. The endoscope is delivered in an extremely durable and mobile case.

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