Powerful laser scanner for large measuring ranges


The new scanCONTROL 30xx laser scanners from Micro-Epsilon now offer large measuring ranges up to 200 mm. The high performance scanners are used for 2D/3D profile measurements in industrial production processes. Precision and high speed meet compact size and low weight.

The new scanner generation now enables measuring fields of 200 x 300 mm. The scanCONTROL 30xx scanner series provides the measurement values quickly and precisely. They are used in automotive and rail construction, electronics production and machine building. The sensors output calibrated profile data at around 5.5 million points per second with up to 2048 measuring points per profile. Due to their compact design, they can be effortlessly integrated even into small confined spaces. Their low sensor weight makes them ideal for robotics applications.

Powerful laser profile scanners are used for versatile 2D/3D profile measurements and combine the latest technology, highest performance and a diverse range of applications. In automation, production and process monitoring as well as quality control, they solve measurement tasks on demanding surfaces with high dynamics. With inhomogeneous surfaces, the High Dynamic Range mode and optimized Auto exposure ensure stable measurement values.

For individual requirements, different operating modes are available. In addition, professional configuration software is included. The scanner can be connected via modern interfaces. Via the scanCONTROL Gateway II, sensors of the SMART performance class can output the measurement values via Ethernet, PROFINET, EtherNet/IP or EtherCAT.

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