Capacitive sensors ensure precise measurement results in industrial environments


With displacement and position measurements of conductive objects, capacitive sensors provide highly accurate results. The measuring systems from Micro-Epsilon are tailored to the high requirements in industrial environments. Therefore, these modern sensors provide precise values not only in clean environments but also in typical industry and production environments.

State-of-the-art technology makes the capacitive sensors useful not only in clean environments. Even in industrial environments, the sensors from Micro-Epsilon provide extremely precise measurement values. Primarily based on passive elements, capacitive sensors have no temperature-sensitive, electronic components. This design provides the benefits of a long service life and high linearity. The capaNCDT sensors are usually used whenever high precision and stability are required. The resolution offered by these sensors achieves the subnanometer range. Output of measurement values is via analog interfaces, Ethernet or EtherCAT, which enables easy connection to modern machines and systems.

The capaNCDT 61x0/IP capacitive displacement measuring system is suitable for inline quality assurance of production processes, and for control of plant and machinery. Protected to IP68, this measuring system is therefore suitable for many industrial measurement tasks. For installation scenarios where the sensors are exposed to shock and vibration, CSE thread sensors are ideal. These are firmly screwed in and keep the sensor in position even when surrounded by strong vibrations. This ensures permanently precise measurement results.

Triaxial design for improved accuracy

Another special feature of capacitive sensors from Micro-Epsilon is their triaxial sensor design. Unlike conventional sensors, an extra-fed guard ring, which also generates an electrical field, surrounds the capacitor in addition to the sensor housing itself. This significantly improves their robustness and precision as interferences of the measuring field are suppressed while their linearity increases. In addition, these sensors can be flush mounted in conductive materials without generating a measurement error.


Patented miniature plug

The patented miniature triaxial plug from Micro-Epsilon is ideally suited to restricted installation spaces. This variant is used together with thin PCB sensors. At only 3.6 mm, the connector is about three times smaller than conventional connectors. Cable, sensor and plug are almost the same height, which enables the feed through of the cables without requiring any bore holes. The spiral sheathing for the cables used offers additional protection against damage.


High precision even with fluctuating temperatures

Even strongly fluctuating temperatures are no match for capaNCDT sensors. With ambient temperatures from -270 °C to +200 °C, they offer extremely high temperature stability of 5 ppm. For much higher temperature ranges, special sensor designs with ceramics can be provided.


Customer-specific modifications

In addition to the standard sensors, Micro-Epsilon offers the possibility to modify sensors and controllers according to the customer’s requirements, among other things, with respect to cable length, sensor design or modified measuring ranges.

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