Powerful eddy current measuring system for small measuring ranges


The new inductive eddyNCDT 3070 displacement measuring system offers high performance and precision. It provides resolutions in the submicron range and operates with a frequency response up to 20 kHz. The inductive measuring system is designed for applications in industrial processes. As it is compatible with more than 100 sensor models, versatile applications can be solved.

The eddyNCDT 3070 eddy current system is designed for small measuring ranges below 1 mm. It offers high performance, while being suitable for industrial and universal use. The system is applied in high precision measurement tasks for displacement, distance, position, shaft movement and gaps. It is ideally suited applications in harsh environments where highest precision is required such as those found in plant and machine building, automotive industry, automation technology and test benches. The system is extremely temperature-resistant, as both the sensor and the controller are temperature-compensated. Even with fluctuating ambient temperatures, highly precise measurement values are detected. The sensors are designed for temperatures up to 200 °C and ambient pressures up to 700 bar.

The system is compatible with more than 100 sensor models and therefore offers high application versatility. The measurement values are detected with submicron accuracy and a frequency response up to 20 kHz. The eddyNCDT 3070 consists of a sensor, a cable and controller. At the factory, all sensors are matched to ferromagnetic or non-ferromagnetic objects.

Multipoint calibration, regardless of the distance, enables measurement accuracy to be maximized. For fieldbus connection, there is an integrated industrial-grade M12 Ethernet interface is integrated. Via analog outputs, the measurement values can either be output as current or voltage. A modern web interface enables user-friendly parameter setup and configuration of sensor and controller.

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