Smart laser sensors in miniature design


The optoNCDT 1220, 1320 and 1420 laser triangulation sensors from sensor specialist Micro-Epsilon set a new standard for displacement and distance measurements. With a miniature light spot size, these small, smart and precise sensors measure displacements and distances even of smallest components. They can be used, for example, in automation technology, machine building or on robots.

The latest optoNCDT 1220 model offers both excellent price/performance ratio and extremely high measurement accuracy. It is particularly suitable for displacement and distance measurements in OEM projects and series applications in automation technology. This miniature, powerful sensor with integrated controller measures displacement, distance and position on a wide range of surfaces. It provides high precision measurement results with a measuring rate of 1 kHz. The Active Surface Compensation feature enables reliable control of the distance signal regardless of target color or brightness. Immediately ready to use, the sensor can be easily integrated without having to make any further settings.

The optoNCDT 1320 and 1420 are compact, smart and precise. These sensors can be used, for example, in automation technology, machine building or on the robot. They detect displacement, distance and position on a non-contact, wear-free basis. The extremely small laser spot size, which is focused through an optical system to a very small diameter, enables the measurement of extremely fine details. The compact sensor design allows the laser sensors to be installed in restricted spaces. In addition, the integrated evaluation electronics is space-saving and simplifies cabling. Furthermore, the innovative web interface offers predefined setups for different surfaces (e.g. circuit boards).

These predefined presets and the quality slider enable quick and easy sensor configuration and parameter set up. As well as in the electronics production, these optical sensors are applied in the packaging industry, wood processing, logistics, medical engineering, in laser engraving equipment and machine building. Further application examples are inline car body and tool positioning, determination of inner diameters of pipes and the measurement of plastics parts, where the penetration of the laser into different material mixtures and colors is a particular challenge.

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