New interferometer for high-precision wafer thickness measurement


In semiconductor production, highest precision is essential. An important process step is the lapping of the blanks, which are thereby brought to a uniform thickness. In order to continuously control the thickness, the interferoMETER IMS5420 series white light interferometers were developed.

These each consist of a compact sensor and a controller housed in a robust industrial-grade enclosure. Active temperature control integrated in the controller ensures high stability of measurements.

The interferometer is available as either a thickness or a multi-peak thickness measuring system. The multi-peak thickness measuring system can measure the thickness of up to five layers, e.g., wafer thickness, air gap, film and coatings >50 µm. For thickness measurements in difficult environmental conditions, the IMS5420IP67 controller is available with IP67 protection rating and stainless steel housing as well as matching fiber optics and sensors. 


  • Nanometer-accurate thickness measurement of undoped, doped and highly doped wafers
  • Multi-peak: detection of up to 5 layers with an SI thickness of 0.05 up to 1.05 mm
  • High resolution in z-axis of 1 nm
  • Measuring rate up to 6 kHz for high speed measurements
  • Ethernet / EtherCAT / RS422 / PROFINET / EtherNet/IP
  • Simple parameter set up via web interface

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