New: Configurator for eddy current based inductive sensors


Eddy current sensors are characterized by their high performance with maximum ease of use and an excellent price/performance ratio. These inductive displacement measuring systems offer maximum application versatility, as they can be combined with the worldwide largest sensor portfolio from Micro-Epsilon.

To make it as easy as possible for you to put together the right eddy current system, we have set up a new configurator for you. You make your selection based on the measuring range through to the environmental conditions and the desired interface and receive the suitable controller with the matching sensor as a suggestion.

Due to their robust design and high measurement accuracy, eddy current sensors provide accurate measurement results in areas such as lubrication gap monitoring, thermal expansion, shaft movements, and the concentricity of machine parts and drive components. The sensors detect displacement, distance and position on ferromagnetic as well as non-ferromagnetic materials without contact. They prove impervious to dirt, pressure and temperature in demanding industrial environments and deliver high resolution. 

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