3D snapshot sensor for 3D measurements and surface inspection of large objects


Large, diffuse reflecting objects of up to 650 x 495 mm are measured using the surfaceCONTROL 3D 2500 snapshot sensor. The sensor is based on the fringe light projection principle to perform geometrical 3D measurements and 3D shape detection, as well as surface inspections. It can be used both within the production line and at-line. The advantages lie in its large measuring field combined with the high measuring range depth of up to 300 mm. In addition, the 3D sensor offers repeatability of up to 3.0 µm.

The measuring system consists of the 3D sensor and the SC2500 controller. This enables the fast evaluation and output of 3D data via Gigabit Ethernet. Via 2D/3D Gateway II, the data can be output via EtherNet/IP, PROFINET as well as EtherCAT. Integration with third-party software is also possible via GigE Vision. A comprehensive SDK for customer software integration is included in the software package. The powerful software tools 3DInspect, DefMap3D and Inspection Tools are also available for solving measurement tasks. 

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