World’s largest confocal sensor range to be expanded again


Confocal chromatic sensors are used for distance and thickness measurements where the highest accuracy and signal stability are required. They offer state-of-the-art technology allied with high speed and maximum precision. Now there are three new models. 

confocalDT IFS2407-0,8

The IFS2407-0,8 is a new confocal sensor with a measuring range of 0.8 mm. This compact model opens up new fields of application in displacement and thickness measurements. Combined with a high resolution of 24 nm, the sensor enables the measurement of transparent layers such as glass or plastic film with a layer thickness from 40 µm. Another advantage lies in the large measuring angle of up to +/- 30° (NA 0.5). Combined with the light spot diameter of just 6 µm, the sensor detects the finest of structures.

confocalDT IFS2405/90-6

The confocal chromatic IFS2405/90-6 sensor is used for high precision displacement and thickness measurements on diffuse, reflecting and transparent materials. The new 90° model enables more flexible installation options. If a sensor with a straightforward beam path cannot be used because of the mounting depth, the 90° sensor is the space-saving alternative. In critical environments, the sensor can be mounted at a safe distance from the target due to the high offset distance of 41 mm. Therefore, the IFS2405/90-6 sensor is ideally suited to measurement tasks in the glass industry and enables high resolution thickness measurements from a layer thickness of 300 µm. Furthermore, the IFS2405-6/90-6 tolerates tilt angles up to ± 10°.

confocalDT IFS2406-3/VAC(001)

This sensor is designed for use under challenging conditions in vacuum. Its passive sensor design ensures that no heat is emitted. The accessories are also adapted to these special application conditions. In addition to the sensors, Micro-Epsilon offers cables and accessories, which are suitable for clean room, vacuum and ultra-high vacuum.

Why confocal chromatic sensors from Micro-Epsilon?

  • Worldwide fastest measurement up to 70 kHz
  • Non-contact measurement has no impact on target
  • Nano-resolution
  • Extremely wide sensor range
  • Detection of the smallest of details and structures
  • Multi-layer measurements possible

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