Powerful eddy current system for measuring ranges up to 8 mm


The powerful, inductive eddyNCDT 3060 eddy current sensor now offers even more versatility. The standard sensor portfolio now covers measuring ranges up to 8 mm. This makes it possible to solve demanding measurement tasks in industrial processes with the highest precision. The sensor portfolio, which is compatible with the controller, comprises more than 400 models.

The system combines precision, speed and temperature stability and so is particularly suitable for industrial production systems and machines. Measurement tasks include precise gap monitoring, determination of shaft movements and monitoring the radial run out of machine parts and drive components.

The distance-independent, multi-point calibration feature is remarkable. With the DT3061 controller model, 5-point linearization on site is possible which even increases the measurement accuracy again. Furthermore, the DT3061 offers switching outputs and temperature outputs and allows the storage of multiple characteristic curves. Parameter set up is performed via a modern, user-friendly web interface that is accessed via an Ethernet interface.

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