High precision white light interferometers for nanometer-precise distance and thickness measurements


The white light interferometers from Micro-Epsilon are suitable for the industry and achieve stable measurement results. The interferoMETERs consist of a controller, a sensor and a fiber optic cable. They are designed for industrial measurement tasks and equipped with a robust metal housing and flexible cables.

Numerous analog and digital interfaces such as Ethernet and EtherCAT enable easy connection. Configuration is performed via a user-friendly web interface for initial operation and parameter setting.

The high precision IMS5400-TH is used for the thickness measurement of thin transparent materials. A sensor detects the measurement values regardless of the distance from the measuring object which tolerates fluttering or moving measuring objects. The near-infrared light source also enables thickness measurements of anti-reflective coated glass.

Industrial distance measurements are performed with the IMS5400-DS system which provides absolute measurement values and even steps and edges can be reliably detected without signal loss.

The IMS5600-DS is designed for distance measurements in clean rooms and vacuum environments (up to UHV). Special controller calibration enables subnanometer resolution, and a linearity of < ±10 nm, which is required, for example, when aligning a sensor or positioning a stage.


  • Accuracy in the subnanometer range
  • Robust and industry-optimized design
  • Absolute distance measurement
  • Distance-independent thickness measurement
  • High signal stability
  • Sensors and cables suitable for vacuum

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