Miniature draw-wire sensors for economic serial applications


Micro-Epsilon has the largest product portfolio of draw-wire sensors. They unite technical requirements, longevity and an excellent price/performance ratio. A large choice of catalog products combined with years of experience in small series, enable the sensors to be easily adapted to specific customer requirements and economic but sophisticated sensor technology.

Particularly wireSENSOR MK miniature draw-wire sensors are specially designed for high volume applications. Their robust and compact design enables easy integration into restricted spaces. As well as analog versions with potentiometer, current or voltage output, digital versions with incremental or absolute encoders are available. The user is offered a favorable price/performance ratio which enables cost reductions in the manufacturing process.

The proven wireSENSOR family of draw-wire sensors is available in many different sizes, shapes and variants. The measuring ranges are individually selectable between 50 and 50,000mm in many different graduations. The special feature here is the compactness of the sensor for its respective measuring range. For example, the diameter of the smallest version of the sensor is just 30mm with a measuring range of 750mm. Many different analog and digital outputs are available, as well as housings made from plastic or aluminum. As only high precision components are used in its design, the sensors benefit from a longer than average service life. Wherever distances and tilt angles need to be measured by contact, draw-wire sensors are ideal.

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