thicknessGAUGE C.C

Sensor system for precise thickness measurements
Sensor system for precise thickness measurements

The thicknessGAUGE C.C sensor systems use confocal chromatic displacement sensors for the thickness measurement. The sensors allow for measurements to be performed with outstanding accuracy and high measuring rates. In addition, this innovative measuring technique enables measurements of reflective and shiny surfaces as well as (semi-)transparent measuring objects.

  • Sensor technology used: confocal chromatic displacement sensors
  • Measuring range (thickness): 2 mm
  • Accuracy: ±0.4 µm
  • Measuring rate: up to 5 kHz
  • Ideal for high resolution measurements of highly reflective and shiny surfaces
  • Also for transparent and semi-transparent film

The thicknessGAUGE C.C sensor system is used for precise thickness measurements of strips and plates. It can also be used for fixed track measurements, e.g., for center-line measurements (center thickness) or for thickness measurements on the edges. A linear unit enables traversing thickness measurements up to 400 mm strip width.

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