Tire Uniformity and Geometry Line

Micro-Epsilon tire uniformity and geometry machines measure force variation, runout, and sidewall appearance. Monitoring tire geometry i.e. the measurement of radial or lateral runout as well as side wall detection for bulges, constrictions, dents, week stamp etc., is the most important inspection at the end of the tire production process. 


  • Without hydraulic unit
  • High machine production stability
  • Full automatic configuration of test sequence
  • High measurement repeatability
  • Adaptive machine cycle time
  • Recipe controlled inflation
  • Recipe controlled marking process
  • External spotting
  • Low foot print
  • Energy efficient
  • Small transportation dimensions
  • Fast start up machine in factory
  • Maintenance friendly
  • Predictive maintenance
  • Energy savings compared with hydraulic system on level up to 60

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