The demand for aluminum is constantly increasing due to its special technical properties. It can be made thinner and thinner as the strength increases. This is accompanied by tight manufacturing tolerances, which require measurement technology with more precision.

As a manufacturer of measuring systems for the aluminum industry, Micro-Epsilon offers a comprehensive portfolio based on optical sensors without radioactivity that ensures More Precision in applications regardless of complexity and material properties. Optimized sensor technology tailored to the respective application, innovative mechanical design, as well as cooling and protection devices enable the systems to meet the needs of the processes.

The high-performance signal processing and analysis software makes the systems the leading optical gauges on the market which detect the following parameters:

  • Thickness
  • Thickness profile, wedge and crown
  • Temperature and temperature cross profile
  • Width
  • Cambering

Service is the basis for a long-term partnership. We provide 24/7 maintenance and service with qualified staff. Support is initially provided via hotline and remote maintenance. This means that the majority of faults can be identified quickly and rectified cost-effectively.

In addition, our team is quickly on site from our service hubs to establish reliable operation of the systems.

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