Turbocharger speed sensors

Measurement of aluminum and titanium blades with maximum interference immunity & accuracy
turboSPEED DZ140
Measurement of aluminum and titanium blades with maximum interference immunity & accuracy

The turboSPEED DZ140 is designed for rotation speed measurements of turbochargers. The turbocharger rotation speed sensors are extremely compact and directly integrated in the turbocharger housing.

  • Large measurement distances from the blade
  • Measurement against aluminum and titanium
  • Speed range from 200 rpm to 400,000 rpm
  • High interference immunity
  • Miniature controller for integration in engine compartments
  • Sensor operating temperature up to 285 °C

Robust miniature controller

The controller is entirely protected to IP65. Fuel, oil, dirt or even temperatures up to 115 °C have no influence on the measurement. Due to its compact design, the controller can be directly integrated in the engine compartment or in the test bench.

The DZ140 is insensitive to oil and dirt. This is a key advantage especially compared to optical speed measuring systems, as this immunity helps to achieve high precision measurements on a continuous basis.

Ease of use

Numerous integrated functions simplify the commissioning and measurement using the DZ140. A tri-color ‘status’ LED on the controller indicates when the sensor has reached the ideal distance from the turbocharger blade. This simple feature enables greatly reduced installation time. The integrated temperature detection prevents the sensor from overheating. The sensors are suitable for ambient temperatures of up to 285 °C.

Measurement of aluminum and titanium blades

The DZ140 is used both with aluminum and titanium blades. The sensors can be mounted at a relatively large distance from the blade. The maximum distance up to 2.2 mm enables reliable operation.


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