Endoscopy accessories

All endoscopes can be equipped with extensive accessories. Different light sources provide stationary or mobile illumination of the inspection objects. Cameras allow the output ot video signals during the application of rigid and flexible endoscopes with eyepieces. When it comes to visualization, special monitor support. Many different adapter allow enlarging the field of applications.


ELTROTEC light sources are the universal solution when it comes to external light sources for endoscopic applications. The high light output and simple operation facilitate optimal inspection results. There is a wide range of light sources, either halogen or LED illumination.

Even for the stationary illumination ELTROTEC light sources are used. In connection with fiber-optical light conductors they give support for the illumination of inaccessible objects.



Upgrade rigid and flexible endoscopes to a videoscope:

  • CUBECAM PRO color-CCD camera 
  • ELTROTEC iCapture monitor

Analog cameras and USB cameras are used in order to equip endoscopes with a video system. The high resolution cameras offer all advantages, such as image recording or subsequent evaluation of common video endoscopes.


Robust monitors offering high color brilliance are used for the result visualization. The 10» industrial monitors offer very accurate and precise results in the stationary operation. Maximum comfort is provided by the 17« model.

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