3D sensor technology

In automated surface inspection and geometry measurement, there is no way around precise 3D sensor technology. It offers numerous possibilities due to a fast and real 3D display from various perspectives. In the »3D sensor technology« business unit, we offer innovative 3D sensors for inline measuring and inspection tasks.

These 3D sensors impress with measurement accuracy in the sub-micron range. In combination with the innovative 3DInspect software and the GenICam / GigE Vision standards, the sensors can be integrated into modern environments. The 3D point clouds can be evaluated directly for process control.

3D sensors are used for geometric component shape inspection, position determination, presence checking, and flatness or planarity measurement in various applications. All sensors can be used in-line, stationary and on a robot. Fast inspection and evaluation enable short cycle times, allowing demanding inline measurement tasks to be solved reliably.

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