Positioning autonomous transport systems

optoNCDT 1220 sensors are used for collision-free positioning of automated guided vehicles (AGVs) and autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) with Mecanum wheels.

The compact laser sensors with 500 mm measuring range are integrated onto the AGV/AMR. They precisely measure the distance of the AGV/AMR from a metric code tape, which is then evaluated by a PGV camera. The distance value determined by the laser sensors enables the PGV camera to reliably read the code tape and decode the exact position of the AGV/AMR. This in turn enables collision-free, lateral docking of the AGV/AMR.


  • Independent of the construction of the AGV/AMR – universal use
  • Replacement of the AGV/AMR for service purposes, without having to calibrate the stop positions
  • Precise sensor for non-contact and wear-free measurements with large measuring range for reliable position detection
  • Slim and robust sensor design – ideal for integration

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