Evaluation of the surface quality of metallic workpieces

The new optoCONTROL CLS1000 optoelectronic fiber optic sensors reliably check the quality of rough, matt or glossy surfaces, for example, during surface grinding. This inspection of metallic workpieces brings significant advantages, as the workpieces can be inspected without contact and directly during the running process.

High-quality CFS sensors with fiber optics are used at the detection point. These are characterized by their small installation dimensions and robust designs. They are optimized for difficult surfaces, including shiny metallic surfaces, and with a measuring rate of up to 10 kHz they deliver fast and accurate results even in dynamic processes.


  • Numerous teach-in modes and output types
  • Evaluation via analog signal or switching output
  • High resistance to ambient light
  • Extremely robust and compact
  • No glare due to IR light
  • Economical overall solution


Requirements for the measurement system

  • Measuring rate up to 10 kHz -3dB
  • Detection of shiny metallic surfaces and control of roughness
  • Ambient conditions
  • Stable structure (no distance fluctuations)
  • Room temperature 20 to 23°C


System design

  • Controller: CLS1000-AU-PP
  • Reflex sensor: CFS4-R21

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