Presence detection of extremely small parts in electronics production

In electronics production, tiny parts that are barely visible to the eye are used. SMD resistors and miniature electronic components are used in large quantities on circuit boards.

The optoCONTROL CLS1000 fiber optic sensor is used to automatically, reliably and economically check the presence of these tiny electronic parts. The maximum 0.5 mm resistors are transported via a vibrating belt and then have to fall through transparent plastic tubes. As the resistors become unintentionally electrostatically charged, some of them stick to the belt or pipe.

The optoCONTROL CLS1000-AU in combination with a CFS4-Q3 transmission sensor ensures that the required resistors are available for the next process step. 

In this application, the resistors pass through the light band of the sensor, which is partially shaded. The measuring system detects this shadowed area and outputs it as a change in the analog value. This allows the tiny electronic parts to be precisely detected and counted.

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