Obstacle recognition on climbing robots

The scanCONTROL 2600 sensors used form a barrier above or below the detector depending on the climbing direction. Due to the detector size, a correspondingly large measuring range of 100 mm in the X and Z directions is required. The sensors are placed directly on the robot arm near the detector. This is made possible by the compact sensor housing and the low weight of only 380 grams. In addition, the laser profile scanners from Micro-Epsilon are resistant to the changing environmental conditions to which the climbing robot is exposed in outdoor use.

The measuring system is almost insensitive to falling dust and dirt when removing the masonry as well as to water, moisture, vibrations and shocks. A manual laser switch-off provides additional safety when handling the robot. Obstacles are measured from a width of 156 µm and a height of 12 µm. The different materials and surface properties of the facades have no influence on the measurement result.

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