Piston position detection in hydraulic cylinders

In order to detect the piston position of hydraulic cylinders, magnetostrictive and inductive sensors are normally factory-fitted in the sensor. A wide variety of sensors is required to cope with a huge number of different
cylinder models (e.g. due to different strokes). Due to this, economies of scale are difficult to achieve.

Therefore, the magneto-inductive sensor (mainSENSOR) is an economic alternative that is mounted outside the cylinder while a magnet is integrated into the ferromagnetic piston rod. The face-mounted magnet transfers its magnetic field to the piston rod. The sensor then detects the magneticfield distribution along the rod and converts this into a linear output signal, which corresponds to the piston position.

In this way, measuring the piston position of a cylinder can be achieved (also retrospectively) in an extremely simple, space-saving way.

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