Applications for 2D/3D laser scanners

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Linear 3D capturing of parts
3D surface scan for process control
Completely automatic 3D repair welding
Position of decorative stitching on airbags
Filling level of liquid aluminum
Strip stock control
3D – capturing of soil samples
Rotary recess depth on a braking disc
Papers sticking out of a book
Measurement of the chip thickness in cards
Defect detection on counter tops
Dents on a bottle‘s lid
Thickness measurement on foam material
Quality assurance for railway sleepers
Detection of defects on pipe fittings
Chamfers on copper rings
Control of catch springs
Detection of defects on pipe insulations
Height measurement on wine gums
Joining gaps between steel sheets
Dimension control of silicon bricks
Thickness measurement on glass elements
Joining gap at glued optical glasses
Position of the rubber grip on golf clubs
Rubber profile control
Control of the contour on timber floor board
Control of wooden plugs
Control of wooden planks on knotholes
Rectangularity of wooden balks
Control of springs on parquet planks
Edge tracking
Surface control of adhesive foils
Glue bead on a car rear window
Adhesive beads on geometry
Adhesive bead control on stove borderings
Adhesive bead measurement
Control of transparent glue beads
Outline measurement on pipe ends
Measurement of concentricity on joints
Defects on imitation lether covers
Control of layers in the tire production
Control of hole shapes and positions
Dimension accuracy
Dimension control on packaging tapes
Cutting of frayed strip stock
Position and thickness of layers on a roll
Measurements on gear wheels
Control of metal hinges
Welded seam control
Velvet control
Quality control on emblems
Surface evaluation on steel plates
Defects on the surface of parquet planks
Pin control
Coplanarity of connector pins
Position control on a lid‘s grip
Control of stampings on leather
Profile measurement on shingles
Projected gap between metal parts
Process control in the production of plastic cups
Sealing beads in vehicle interiors
Control of decorative strips
3D structure of surface coatings
Steel wheel profile measurement
Thread length of knurled screws
Control of gypsum plaster boards
Rectangularity of joined machine parts
Tire control
Roll measurement
3D – capturing of axially symmetrical parts
Control of saw teeth
Railway tracks
Position of a welding seam inside a pipe
Control of welding seams
Welding seam control on beverage tanks
Tracing and control of welded seams
Tracking of a welding seam on pipelines
Welding seam tracking
Size accuracy of sectional doors
Gap measurement on car bodies
Gap measurement
Gap measurement on wood
Gap measurement on brake disks
Distinguishing of brake disks
Gap measurement on chain saw swords
Gap measurement in vehicle interiors
Gap measurement on plastic profiles
Gap measurement on foam material
Gap measurement on USB socket
Detection of flash on injection molding parts
Measurement of forged steel wheel tires
Movement of a wire rope
Stamped parts control
Spindle control
Rolled-steel joist control
Control of residual glue
Roll control in the coating industry
Control of ovality defects on geared objects
Measurement of flat washers
Measurement of rubber profiles
Measurement of edges on foam material
Wear measurement on drilling heads
Volume control on a potato slice
Presence of rings
V-profile measurement
V-profile measurement
Measurements during heated tensile test
Positions at work piece holding device
Automated machinery winding fiber cable
Angle measurement on pin contacts
Angle measurements on gear wheels
Angle control on sheet metals

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