3D View - interactive 3D visualization software

A third dimension of the measured data is obtained by a relative movement between sensor and target. This is how complete surface scans of measurement objects are obtained. The assignment of the Y-coordinate is performed using triggers, encoder value processing and indication of movement speed (sensor or object).

The scanCONTROL 3D-View software is designed for viewing and exporting this 3D data. The software enables interactive 3D views of profile sequences and their export into common file formats which can be imported into the user’s CAD environment. In addition, 3D-View also supports the configuration of the scanCONTROL sensor.

  • Display of profile sequences
  • Offline or real-time display of 3D profiles
  • Synchronization of the speed and direction of travel (e.g. using an encoder)
  • 2D export of the profile sequences (png)
  • 3D export (asc, stl, csv, ply) for CAD programs

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